Brewing Guides: AeroPress

The AeroPress is a sophisticated yet simple coffee innovation. It’s a super simple way to make barista quality coffee in an instant.

The AeroPress is lightweight, durable and easy to clean, so it’s perfect for your kitchen or for travel, whether you’re going away or going to work. For us, this is a staple in our daily routine! It's practical, versatile and really simple to use.

The Aeropress produces a smooth, rich brew that’s like a strong filter coffee (almost espresso strength), and can have hot water added to make an Americano, or steamed milk to make a Latte.

It’s really easy to use, and your pals will think you’re a total coffee pro. You can be super experimental with Aeropress and play around with thousands of methods. And it’s one cup at a time – which means less waste and more chance to try out different brews.

Five simple parts: a plunger, a chamber, a micro-filter, a filter cap, and a stirrer.

So, what is our favourite method of brewing with an AeroPress?

We use the Inverted Method…

STEP 1 – Get your grind

A medium grind is the best choice for AeroPress, so it doesn’t slip through the filter. At Potts Coffee we sell speciality AeroPress grinds of our coffee range so we’ve got your back!

We use 15g of Medium ground coffee.

STEP 2 – Get Ready

Let's prepare – lay out your plunger, chamber, filter, filter cap, stirrer and your favourite cup or mug.

Rinse your filter paper with hot water (with it sitting in the plastic cap – not your fingers!) This will get rid of any flavours from the paper, and it helps the filter stick to the cap.

We use the Inverted Method - See photo below for how to set it up!

Using the funnel, scoop 15g of coffee into the chamber.

Level the coffee so that it is pretty flat

STEP 3 – Get Some Hot Water

We use around 80ml of water. Filtered water is recommended, but you should be able to get away with tap water (as long as it isn’t too hard). You should fill that cup with a splash or two of hot water to pre-heat it, as pouring hot coffee into a cold cup will mean it cools quicker. For the water temperature, don’t be afraid of using water straight from the kettle - it is almost impossible to burn your coffee using boiling water! See the video below for more on water temperatures!

STEP 4 – Get Pouring

Pour the water in slowly. SUUUUPER slowly. Use scales to measure the volume of water, we use 80ml.

Then stir. Stir Stir Stir! Stir thoroughly for about 10-15 seconds to ensure that all of the coffee is soaked.

STEP 5 – Get Plunging

But first, we wait. Wait for 30-60 seconds to let the coffee infuse. Pop your cup over the filter cap, and flip it over.

Swirl the coffee, make sure that there are no clumps stuck to the sides of the press, and now it's time to plunge!

Gently press the plunger, slowly and smoothly, and watch the flavoursome brew fill up your cup. This should take 30-40 seconds. Remove the AeroPress and stare at the masterpiece you’ve just created. It should smell pretty delicious too!

You can then style it with hot water for an American or with steamed oat milk for a Latte

For even more ways to brew, check out this video:

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