great days start with great coffee

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Our house espresso is currently a fully washed South American blend, comprising of 70% Brazilian Gerezim and 30% Colombian Huila Saladoblanco. Our Brazilian Gezerim is grown by the Caixeta family, who have been farming coffee for generations, spanning over 160 years. Their estate sits 1000-1250 metres above sea level, with deep soils rich in organic matter. Workers at the farms have fair wages, are given good housing and the Caixeta family are always looking to develop the ecological, educational and sustainable principles that lie at the heart of the farms philosophy. Our Colombian coffee is a blend of beans farmed around the salado blanco, operada and pitalito regions, processed via the fully washed method. It brings some fruit flavours (melon sweetness, lemon acidity) and lashings of caramel to the blend. 

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Great coffee needs careful Roasting in order to give credit to all the hard work that’s gone into the process of getting these beautiful beans halfway across the globe and into your cup. Our good friends at neighbourhood coffee source all of our coffee, creating balance when they roast; Sweetness, acidity, complexity, but most importantly they let their coffee tell a story of where it’s from, and to showcase the things that make it so distinctive. Our house blend is roasted fairly lightly to keep the majority of the natural flavours, but dragging out the roast time a little to give a pronounced creamy body and caramel character. The team at Neighbourhood work tirelessly throughout the year to tweak profiles, timings and tasting to ensure optimum flavour of every bean.


 Potts coffee

Each cup of our coffee has a story to tell, a story of the journey our the beans have been on - from a family farm in the Andes, South America, to Liverpool’s first speciality coffee roasters, and then to us at Potts Coffee. We want every cup to take you on that journey, and strive to create a distinctive taste that is perfectly balanced. Our house blend has a rich chocolatey body, pronounced toffee sweetness and a complex fruity edge. As keen coffee lovers, we find that precision is key, from the brewing temperatures to the perfect amount of freshly ground beans, and taking such pride in our coffee, we of course use the best milk to go with it. We use oat milk as standard, as the fat content is far lower than Cow’s milk and therefore doesn’t mask the aromas and flavours of the coffee, whilst being high enough in fat to create the smooth and creamy texture that we all love. 

speciality tea

We love a good brew, so its important to us to have a good selection of speciality teas available. Our teas all contain high quality ingredients, we believe that better quality tea results in better flavour

We buy and source our teas from our specially selected partners. All our teas come from sources which ensure fair treatment of their staff through strict observance of human rights to a safe and sociable working environment.