'Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul'

Our Story

One lazy Sunday morning our founders, Jonny & Danielle had a dilemma - they wanted great coffee and a great vegan brunch. Being coffee enthusiasts and brunch lovers - they wanted somewhere that they could get both. From there, their mission was to create an entirely vegan coffee haven in Liverpool city centre - fulfilling the needs of brunch lovers in the city, whilst striving to make the world more compassionate (& delicious)

Environmental Impact


At Potts coffee, we believe that choosing plant based alternatives over animal-based meals can benefit our environment on a global scale. Our mission is to help reduce environmental impact by reducing the consumption of animal products and inspiring people to try more ethical alternatives. We believe that plant based living is the way forward.


We are committed to using sustainable materials in all aspects of our business - from compostable takeaway containers to sourcing reclaimed furniture for our coffee shop. We strive to eliminate waste, and avoid the use of plastic. We work with a recycling company to ensure that none of our waste goes to landfill and is either recycled or used to produce electricity.


Our community is at the heart of our company - being a small local business, we like to work with other local businesses to source our produce. Our coffee shop was designed using locally sourced materials with works all carried out by local tradespeople. Our counter & tables were produced by a local sustainable business from re-claimed wood, our benches were rescued from a nearby timber yard and fixed up to look brand new! We care about supporting our local community - as well as the coffee farming communities. We value the talented farmers who grow our coffee beans and ensure that they are paid well above the current fair trade price. 


At Potts coffee, we strive to give our customers the best possible experience. From the high quality ingredients in all of our food, to our specially selected coffee beans.

We endeavour to source our produce locally, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses. 

Our handcrafted cakes and pastries are sourced from local vegan businesses. Where possible, source our seasonal fruit & vegetables from British farms - ensuring a minimal impact on our environment.

We want to make food that our customers will enjoy, in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere

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