Brewing Guide: Chemex

The Chemex - The most stylish of home coffee brewers, with its distinctive design - its a must-have in every kitchen.

I mean, look at it!

We use the gorgeous, glass handled Chemex (available from our Shop)

Here is our guide on how to use it!

Firstly - What you will need:

A Chemex

Chemex Filter paper

Coffee (Medium/finely ground)


Scales / measuring apparatus

Step 1- The Filter

Pop your filter paper into the Chemex, the thicket side should be near the spout. (This prevents the paper from tearing)

Step 2 - The Rinse

Now we rinse the filter paper with boiling water - this removes the paper taste and gets your Chemex nice & warm. Discard the water, pouring it gently from the spout. We like to warm up our mugs with hot water too!

Step 3 - The Grind

Spoon around 45 grams of ground coffee and place it in the filter. We recommend Medium-Finely ground beans (You can get your coffee pre-ground for Chemex from our store)

Gently tap the sides of your Chemex to settle the grounds to a flat bed.

Step 4 - The Bloom

Gently pour in 80 grams of boiling water

Pour the water in circular motions from the outside of the filter towards the centre. This will saturate the coffee

Step 5 - The Stir

Gently stir, make sure that all of the grounds are wet, and wait 60-90 seconds.

This allows carbon dioxide bubbles to be released from the coffee.

Step 6 - The Pour

Pour the remainder of the water in, we do this in 3 batches of 240 grams, in a circular pattern. Your total should be 800g (including the bloom)

Pour slowly, trying not to disturb the coffee grounds too much.

Step 7- The Last Bit

Nearly done.. Lift out your filter paper, give the Chemex a good (gentle) swirl to mix & aerate the coffee, and enjoy!

And thats it, your beautiful Chemex is full of delicious coffee! This method will make you look like a total pro - and your guests will think you're fancy

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